A Tapestry Of War (One Story @ A Time Book 8)

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The Spanish artist’s rarely exhibited drawings document a society torn by war.

The cathedral was not ideal for displaying and preserving the tapestry. In the tapestry was moved there, to be displayed in a new gallery designed by French architect Bernard Vitry.

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Jean Bondol's weaving follows the Franco-Flemish school of tapestry design, with rich, realist, fluid images placed into a simple, clear structure through the course of the tapestry. The depiction of Death in this tapestry follows the style then becoming popular in England: he is represented as a decaying corpse, rather than the more common 14th century portrayal of Death as a conventional, living person.

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The Bayeux Tapestry, a unique artefact created in the 11th century

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A Tapestry Of War (One Story @ A Time Book 8) A Tapestry Of War (One Story @ A Time Book 8)
A Tapestry Of War (One Story @ A Time Book 8) A Tapestry Of War (One Story @ A Time Book 8)
A Tapestry Of War (One Story @ A Time Book 8) A Tapestry Of War (One Story @ A Time Book 8)
A Tapestry Of War (One Story @ A Time Book 8) A Tapestry Of War (One Story @ A Time Book 8)
A Tapestry Of War (One Story @ A Time Book 8) A Tapestry Of War (One Story @ A Time Book 8)
A Tapestry Of War (One Story @ A Time Book 8) A Tapestry Of War (One Story @ A Time Book 8)

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