Cart Before The Horse (Denver Brides Series Book 1)

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They are invested in my characters, and at times those characters change the lives of my readers. Courtney lost her sight at eight, and to write her POV without description of sight was a challenge. I had a blind roommate in college, and that was a very inspirational journey for me.

Cart Before The Horse

I hope I did it justice when writing Courtney. I do think that Madeline from A Second Chance would be a dear friend. When we meet her she is battling breast cancer and has three growing children. I identify with her as a mother. Writing about a growing family was touching part of my own life raising 5 boys. It was one of the first books I ever wrote, though not the first to be published. I love to open new companies and see where they go.

Funny enough, I bought salon equipment because that was the money maker at the time, and if the book thing was a fluke, I wanted to make sure I had the good equipment to carry on in cosmetology. As for my favorite character, I guess that would be Amelia because of her strength. I tend to be the person you want in a crisis. She was also fun to write because as a second-degree black belt, I could add my training into her character.

My goal is to continue making a living as an author. I will continue to write, and better my art, to reach that goal. Keep working on your dream…always. The market changes so quickly that it might have been they had a niche before you did, but if you keep working it, yours will come. There are so many ways to tell a story and get it into the hands of readers, be open minded to them all.

There is a reason that traditional publishing exists beside independent and small house publishing. There is a demand for it all. I find that my readership is on Facebook. You take great pride in your company, and it shows in the continued items I see on social media for my book especially. Thank you for that. Bernadette Marie grew up in Arvada, Colorado. As a child, she always wanted to be a reader but reading was a bit tough for her. When she was in junior high it was then she got bitten by the reading and the writing bugs.

Cart Before the Horse (Denver Brides, book 1) by Bernadette Marie

This was when she learned that she could speak more powerfully when she writes down her thoughts. She purchased salon equipment by her first paycheck from her first published book but now she wants to have the good equipment to carry on in cosmetology. Her dream is to become the New York Time Bestseller author and we wish she gets what she wants.

Forgotten your password? Well done is better than well said. Benjamin Franklin. Toggle navigation. Interview Bernadette Marie Interview. Bernadette Marie Interview Published on: 13, Sep Where is your hometown and what was life like growing up? Have you always been an avid reader and writer? Did you ever participate in writing competitions as a kid?

If so, did you ever win any? Why did you choose to become an independent author? What are the pros and cons of this over traditional publishing? Have you ever thought of adapting one of your books into a screenplay and movie? If so, which book would it be and why? Do you think that you're a 'cart before the horse' kind of person? What is the force that drives you to write? Is writing more of a calming exercise for you or a re-energizing one?


Which book of the Keller Family Series was the hardest to write? Which character do you think you'd most likely be best friends with? Which of your stories are you most satisfied with? Inversely, which of your stories do you wish you could go back in time and rewrite or re-edit? What would you be doing if you weren't a writer? What did you do with your first paycheck from your first published book? Monroes series, who is your favourite?

How did you come up with the idea of this book? On evolutionary psychology in general, see the discussion under the entry for David M. Sexual selection, in a nutshell, is the idea that the sexes may sometimes evolve independently of each other through adaptations geared specifically to the mating preferences of the opposite sex. Miller is especially known for his work on updating famed statistician Ronald A. The extravagant antlers of the extinct Irish elk are often cited as a case in point.

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Miller has argued that the human brain, whose rapid size increase he believes was due to intense sexual selection pressure, is a Fisherian runaway, and that therefore we should be very careful about the effects of our intelligence on our long-term survival. Miller has also been at the forefront of developing the new field of evolutionary consumer psychology, which basically uses the logic of sexual selection to explain many features of modern consumer society, by linking them with high social status in males as a marker of reproductive success.

All of this work is highly controversial, both inside the academy and out. Mischel is most closely associated with the claim, originally made in his book Personality and Assessment , that personality traits are highly context-dependent, and that the notion there is a stable personality which manifests uniformly over time and across varied social contexts, as previously believed, is a myth. He did not deny the reality of a fundamental underlying personality altogether, but claimed that its expression is highly complex, and best characterized in terms of contextualized, conditional if-then patterns of behavior.

Mischel devised a simple experimental situation in which a child was offered the choice between one immediate treat or two treats after a relatively brief lapse of time. This became known as the marshmallow test after a favorite treat used by investigators.

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The experiment was run on large numbers of children who were then followed longitudinally, so that it became possible to correlate test results with various academic and life outcomes over time. Mischel found that many years later children who were able to delay gratification had superior academic achievement, greater family and job stability, and even higher earnings.

Mischel is the author or co-author of some peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters, as well as the author or co-author of four books. He is the recipient of far too many grants, awards, prizes, honorary degrees, consultancies, and editorships to mention here. Nadel was born in New York City in Throughout his career, Nadel has worked on the neural underpinnings of memory, though he has also branched out into other fields, such as the neurobiology and treatment of Down Syndrome.

The hippocampus is a structure within the limbic system of the brain, between the cerebrum and the cerebellum. In later work, Nadel put forward what became known as the multiple trace theory of memory, according to which the hippocampus remains the principal neural structure involved in storage and retrieval of episodic memory recall of events we have experienced , while semantic memory recall of linguistically mediated facts, such as, for Americans, the significance of the year is based in the neocortex. Nadel has also been involved in following up on some of the implications of his early studies on the hippocampus, notably in such areas as the relationship between stress and memory and sleep and memory, as well as memory re-consolidation and the memory deficits associated with Down syndrome.

Nadel has authored or co-authored more than peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters, and is the author, co-author, or editor of some dozen books. Pargament was born in Washington, DC, in He has focused on developing a systematic theoretical framework, both for conducting empirical research on religion and psychology and for developing assessments and interventions of practical relevance to helping professionals. For example, Pargament developed the RCOPE Questionnaire designed to measure religious coping strategies, which he believes may be usefully grouped into three broad categories.

Correlatively, Pargament has identified four attitudes toward religion on the part of psychotherapists: rejectionists, who disdain religion and refuse to recognize any therapeutic value in it; exclusivists, who regard religion as an essential component of therapy for everyone regardless of belief; constructionists, who are willing to incorporate religion into therapy, but who deny the objective existence of transcendent or any other reality; and pluralists, who recognize the reality of the transcendent, but also acknowledge the validity of different approaches to it.

Pargament has courted controversy by questioning the overwhelmingly rejectionist status quo of the psychology profession, and by maintaining that religious training, preferably along pluralistic lines, ought to be a mandatory component of the education of psychotherapists. Pargament is the author or co-author of around peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters, as well as the author or editor of five books. Pinker was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, in Pinker began his career with a focus on the computational theory of mind the idea that the brain is a computer and thinking a program , particularly in relation to language.

In line with the well-known work of Noam Chomsky, Pinker further argued that the capacity for language is instinctive with respect to deep grammatical structure universal grammar , and that experience merely shapes this instinctive behavior into the specific forms surface grammar and lexicon of a particular language. Pinker was also involved during the s in a significant, if highly technical, dispute over connectionist models of mind and speech.

Connectionism, as it relates to cognitive psychology, is the idea that the form of computation employed by the mind is massively parallel, distributed processing—-as opposed to the serial processing used by an ordinary laptop. While this early psycholinguistics research won Pinker a solid reputation among his peers, it was his writings for a popular audience that made him a household name among the wider educated public. His first book for a mass readership, The Language Instinct , drove home in elegant prose the inarguable importance of the innate language faculty for our humanity.

Most recently, he maintained in The Better Angels of Our Nature that an objective analysis of human history gives reason for optimism, despite the fashionable pessimism of our cultural moment. Nor has it hurt that he is a well-known atheist activist, or that many of his books contain a subtext of secularist evangelism, weaving themes from evolutionary psychology throughout see the entry for David M.

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In addition to his many essays, book reviews, and op-ed pieces for the popular press, Pinker has published around peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters, and is the author, co-author, or editor of some 14 books. He is the recipient of many grants, fellowships, awards, lectureships, editorships, and honorary degrees.

In the course of his research, he has developed several important new experimental techniques and protocols.

For example, he has used electrooculography EOG technology, which precisely tracks eye movements using a set of electrodes surrounding the eyes, to create a new research protocol that bears his name. The Posner cueing task enables very precise measurement of reaction times using a special visual field chart he developed that interacts with the EOG device.

Cart Before The Horse (Denver Brides Series  Book 1) Cart Before The Horse (Denver Brides Series Book 1)
Cart Before The Horse (Denver Brides Series  Book 1) Cart Before The Horse (Denver Brides Series Book 1)
Cart Before The Horse (Denver Brides Series  Book 1) Cart Before The Horse (Denver Brides Series Book 1)
Cart Before The Horse (Denver Brides Series  Book 1) Cart Before The Horse (Denver Brides Series Book 1)
Cart Before The Horse (Denver Brides Series  Book 1) Cart Before The Horse (Denver Brides Series Book 1)

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