Folsom, California (Images of America)

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The ammeter, another invention of the great Elihu Thomson. The generators were built in Schenectady, New York.

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Brushes: brush carrier, brush holder, feed spring these were burned by an overload just before closing the plant See more about this burned up generator in the end of the video above. Name Plate:. Schenectady, N. One of North America's first commercial AC generators! Lombard Governor. Wide view of the generator room.

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Half of the motor genset -3 phase this is the one in the next photo above on the right originally put in for the lower powerhouse to energize the field coils and later on this provided standby DC power. The patent drawings for Elihu Thomson's three phase generator in One of four main turbines, has gearing for the wheels, gears used to maintain speed. Originally in the plant was equipped with Stanley air cooled transformers aka air-blast transformers. The original transformers were replaced with Stanley oil filled transformers in The Lower Powerhouse was built in to alleviate a late summer shortage shortage of water.


The water in the afterbay provided a 26 foot head for another generator. The turbine was placed below the high water line and coupled to a generator sitting above it with an unique foot rope drive. Generator 4 was temporarily moved down to the site until replaced in Photo right: generator with the rope drive. A new generation of AC generator DC field slip ring the field was on the rotor wires carry DC power from the rings to the field coils.

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Left: Field Coils on the left, stator on the right. Folsom Power Houses upper and lower as seen from across the River. Why is the Folsom Powerhouse no longer used? The Powerhouse was no longer needed when it was decided to construct a larger dam in In the photo below one can see the old stone dam which was blown out during construction of the new dam in the background.

Folsom Lake is created by the modern hydroelectric dam that replaced the historic Folsom Power House. This lake is formed by the American River and extends into the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains in central California. The river is fed by an enormous watershed that peaks at the mountains just west of Lake Tahoe. The top of the watershed is on the other side of the mountains here in the Sierra Nevada. A video which includes Folsom and early AC power developments elsewhere:. Other early power plant links:. Schaghticoke Power Station and Steinmetz's monocyclic power experiment. Great Barrington The first AC power distribution system using transformers.

It reregulates the releases for power made through the Folsom Powerplant. Nimbus Dam is a concrete gravity dam 1, feet long and 87 feet high.

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Eighteen radial gates, each feet by feet, control the flows. The total volume of material used in the dam is , cubic yards.

Reclamation operates the dam. Nimbus Dam and Powerplant was completed and accepted by the government in July Nimbus Dam forms Lake Natoma, with a capacity of 8, acre-feet and a surface area of acres. Recreation facilities administered by the California Department of Parks and Recreation provide boating, picnicking, swimming, fishing and camping. Nimbus Powerplant, constructed and operated by Reclamation, is located on the right abutment of Nimbus Dam, on the north side of the river.

Work on the Sly Park Unit began Nov.

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Work on the tunnel was completed by the end of October Reclamation completed the project and transferred it to the El Dorado irrigation District EID for operation and maintenance in mid Sly Park Dam, on Sly Park Creek, is a zoned earthfill structure, feet high, with a crest length of feet. It has an auxiliary earthfill dam, feet high, with a crest length of feet.

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The total volume of the main dam and dike is 1,, cubic yards. Jenkinson Lake, formed by Sly Park Dam, has a storage capacity of 41, acre-feet with a surface area of acres.

Municipal and industrial water is furnished to the city of Placerville and nearby small communities, and irrigation water is furnished to EID. The Camino Conduit, with a capacity of cubic feet per second, extends 38, feet west from Sly Park Dam to the community of Camino, California, to deliver supplemental water to EID for irrigation and municipal purposes. The Camino Tunnel is 2, feet long with a diameter of 7 feet. It is a steel reinforced, concrete lined structure with a capacity of cubic feet per second.

Camp Creek Diversion Dam is a concrete overflow weir, 20 feet high and feet long. The total volume of concrete in the dam is 2, cubic yards, and the diversion capacity is cfs. Camp Creek Dam diverts a portion of the flow of Camp Creek through the Camp Creek Tunnel, a 2, foot long, concrete lined tunnel with a diameter of 7 feet and a capacity of cfs, into the upper part of Jenkinson Lake.

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Work on the dam began Feb. Construction has been completed on the water treatment facilities and a distribution system for irrigation and municipal purposes in western El Dorado County. These facilities were built by Reclamation and will be operated, maintained and paid for by EID. These pipelines extend Construction of Folsom and Nimbus Dams blocked access to natural spawning grounds of salmon and steelhead trout.

Folsom, California (Images of America) Folsom, California (Images of America)
Folsom, California (Images of America) Folsom, California (Images of America)
Folsom, California (Images of America) Folsom, California (Images of America)
Folsom, California (Images of America) Folsom, California (Images of America)
Folsom, California (Images of America) Folsom, California (Images of America)
Folsom, California (Images of America) Folsom, California (Images of America)
Folsom, California (Images of America) Folsom, California (Images of America)
Folsom, California (Images of America) Folsom, California (Images of America)

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