Humes Philosophy Of The Self (Routledge Studies in Eighteenth-Century Philosophy)

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A biography of S. Robert Louis Stevenson and theories of reading. The reader as vagabond.

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Published by the RSE Studies in Hume and Scottish Philosophy ed. Capaldi, W. Ingroup and outgroup names in communication between ethnic groups - a theoretical approach to the analysis of cultural forms in ethnology. Working report no.

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Mass Media and the Moral Imagination ed. Selfhood in modernity has several attributes as noted by Gebser 14 in terms of the ability to use the Mental-Rational structure of consciousness and 3-dimensional perspectives and by Taylor 15 in terms of the ability to use radical reflexivity, disengaged reason, and view oneself as separate from nature.

Palmer's writings show that he had all of these attributes. This separation of the value spheres is, according to many scholars, the hallmark of the modern era and its greatest challenge. Chiropractic and its philosophy were attempts to integrate the big three of philosophy: The Good morality and religion , The True science and objective empiricism , and The Beautiful art and spirituality , which were now differentiated for the first time in history.

Evident in his writings on philosophy is the impact of the philosophers of modernity, the modern worldview they represented, and the self that emerged with their writings, or the modern identity. American philosopher Ken Wilber has developed IMP, a philosophical model, which draws from all known methodological approaches to knowledge acquisition, in an attempt to integrate these value spheres of art, science, and morals. This approach draws from the truths and validity claims of the premoderm, the modern, and the postmodern worldviews.

Adapted from Wilber. Four quadrants with chiropractic examples. As a product of the end of the American 19th century, DD Palmer's self was confronted with a situation unique in history. He was immersed in a culture and society struggling with both the dignities and the disasters of modernity. In that context, Palmer developed chiropractic, its philosophy, and its profession in a surprisingly integral fashion.

The American metaphysical culture and, by default, its citizens were trying to come to terms with the dignity and disaster of modernity. Soon after her death, in , DD Palmer began studying Spiritualism and magnetic healing. To do this, he drew from an older stream of thinking in the West, one that informed many philosophers from Spinoza to Schelling and was evident in the teachings of Spiritualism and magnetic healing. The metaphysical religious culture was a pragmatic mix of the teachings of Anton Mesmer and Immanuel Swedenborg, thinkers from the Western Enlightenment.

Palmer followed no sect, creed, or denomination. If he leaned to any, it was to principle of spiritualism, and then only to its religious aspect. The Spiritualist Manual published in shows an elected officer as early as , in Davenport, Iowa, Palmer's hometown that year. In the manual's declaration of principles, written by Joseph Whitwell, it starts:. By this we express our belief in a supreme Impersonal Power, everywhere present, manifesting as life, through all forms of organized matter, called by some, God, by others, Spirit and by Spiritualists, Infinite Intelligence.

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The spiritualists blended the traditions of the magic and mythic structures of consciousness with the mental-rational structure of consciousness by assuming that the medium through which spirit communication and healing occurred was based on Mesmer's energetic ether. For many of them, this was practical and empirically verified through experience. In , he wrote:. I know from daily experience, of which my five senses are in evidence, that some persons who have lived in this life continue in intelligent existence.

My spiritual knowledge has come to be material, for it is an expression of consciousness by all of my five senses. There are many forms of material, as judged by our sensory faculties. More important than his spiritualist belief in the afterlife was the influence of the spiritualist religious tradition on his beliefs about II, his daily experience, and his personal development.

DD Palmer's son BJ contested to this. BJ writes:. Father belonged to no church, creed, or denomination. He was a profound skeptic. Spiritualism came as near as any to supporting what he believed. The development of Palmer's sense of self may have been influenced by such beliefs and experiences.

Humes Philosophy Of The Self (Routledge Studies in Eighteenth-Century Philosophy)
Humes Philosophy Of The Self (Routledge Studies in Eighteenth-Century Philosophy)
Humes Philosophy Of The Self (Routledge Studies in Eighteenth-Century Philosophy)
Humes Philosophy Of The Self (Routledge Studies in Eighteenth-Century Philosophy)
Humes Philosophy Of The Self (Routledge Studies in Eighteenth-Century Philosophy)

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