Spiegel innerer Räume: Lyrik zu Paul Klee (German Edition)

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Gonzalez-Foerster , Paris, France. Gonzalez-Foerster, B. Joseph , Air de Paris, Nice, France. Perrin and P. Joisten et P. Joseph , Galerie des Archives, Paris, France. President and First Lady, Washington, D. Myers, Florida, USA. Louis Gallery of Contemporary Art, St. Kornblatt Gallery, Washington, D. Biography Kader Attia lives and works in Berlin and Algiers. Biography Bill Beckley lives and works in New York. Joseph Beuys Images Nun?

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David Bill Images Komposition aus acht Sechstelelementen, , 82 x 44 x 44 cm, sheet steel, paint. Biography David Bill lives and works in Giswil, Switzerland. Zander Blom Images 1. Biography Christian Boltanski lives and works in Malakoff, France. Wim Botha Images. Brehmer Images Auswahlbeutel No. Biography Daniel Buren lives and works in Paris, France. Tony Cragg Images Round the Block, , x x cm, foundation: 40 x x cm, kg wood. Biography Tony Cragg works an lives in Wuppertal, Germany.

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Biography Jacob Dahlgren works and lives in Stockholm, Sweden. Day Images Mummified Barbie, , 28 x 7 cm, Barbie doll and mixed media. Biography E. Nigel Hall Images Gaze, , x x cm, corten steel, 4 parts. Biography Anna Jermolaewa lives and works in Vienna, Austria. Jon Kessler Images Moving Swan, , mixed media. Bertrand Lavier Images Les grands transparents, , x 90 cm, object, painted mirror.

Biography Robert Longo works and lives in New York. Ken Lum Images Untitled Cushionpainting , , x cm, acrylic on canvas, 5 pillows, mixed media. Heinz Mack Images Rotierendes Lichtrelief, , 70 x 70 x 1 cm, aluminum imprinted, mirror, chrome construction. Olivier Mosset Images Green Card, , ,9 x ,9 cm, oil on canvas. Takashi Naraha Images. Biography Takashi Naraha works and lives in Sweden. Richard Nonas Images. Biography Richard Nonas lives and works in New York. Markus Oehlen Images Wild Space, , x cm, acrylic on canvas Mir, , x 80 cm, paint on canvas youyouyou, , x 80 cm, acrylic on canvas Haufen und Hoffen, , x cm, acrylic on canvas.

Biography Markus Oehlen works and lives in Munich, Germany. Tony Oursler Images Aitia, , ,2 x ,3 x ,2 cm, video projection, mixed media, sound.

Paul Klee 保羅·克利 (1879–1940) Swiss born Painter , Educator Expressionism cubism, surrealism

Paeffgen Images Bischoff, , x 96 cm, acrylic on canvas Nasenbohrer, —, x cm, acrylic on canvas. Biography C. Paeffgen works and lives in Cologne, Germany. Philippe Parreno Images Marquee, , x x 65 cm, plexiglass, 8 neons, 11 lightbulbs 60 and 75 watt. Biography Philippe Parreno works and lives in Paris, France. Robert Rauschenberg Images RR-Light 42, , 78 x 68 cm, silk, ribbon, paper-pulp relief, ink and gold leaf on handmade Xuan paper, with mirror, ed.

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Dazu sind wir hier. Es gibt nichts Besonderes zu sehen. Oder doch? Wir alle sind mittendrin in unserer selbstgeschaffenen Welt des Konsums, des Internets, der Zerstreuung, der Selbstoptimierung. Was macht das mit uns? Was lassen wir zu? Welche Doktrinen beherrschen uns? Passiert da etwas mit uns, ohne dass wir es merken oder geben wir uns dem Spektakel des Alltags lustvoll und sehenden Auges hin? Die, die neben mir steht oder der am Ende des Raumes? Eine traurige Clownin, ein Divus? Eine konsumkonforme Presswurst? Oder ein Unicum, das man heimlich bestaunen kann?

Why is it only possible to conceive the future in slogans of static protection and demarcation today? The speculation in Would Have Been allows for transgression of spatial and temporal boundaries, to introduce the past into the present via the medium of a trace that can put the future in motion.

Hybrid and transcultural perspectives draw the focus towards parallel realities. Everyone constantly constructs his or her own reality, there are trillions of parallel microuniverses. The world is made up of the ideas of the world. The imagination has many sources and techniques at its disposal. Open Studios is a collaborative venture: the group exhibition of the Villa Romana Fellows uses forgotten local postitions, the olive grove is the site of a video jungle, concerts and performances are streamed in real time, imagined spaces question given architectures and hierarchies.

NOWs: Noss Noss — stories, traces, passages.

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Thousands of displacement experiences have their origin or their outcome in these three cities which, facing the sea, are interfaces between worlds. How does the migration experience fit into historical, public or personal objects, documents or stories? This is one of the central questions dealt with in the exhibition. The exhibition in Marseille is the continuation of this project. Intersections of Common Space and Time is a collaborative approach in addressing where and what public space is in contemporary urban settings in megacities of Asia. As urbanization, urban population and density continue to grow and privatization becomes a norm, shared space and time for public shrinks in all aspects.

This second collaboration further rethinks and reimagines public spaces from small in-between spaces of temporal and mobile coincidences to larger open stationary spaces and all the way to online spaces of manipulated encounters. These spaces reflect and cohabit with coincidences, manipulation, stationary and mobile forms constantly breaking boundaries between private and public in its urban landscape.

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The basis for this project are micro-surveys implemented in Haebangchon, Intersections of Common Space and Time extends its discourse with artists, architects, filmmakers and local communities in forms of lectures and panel talk, Fragmentation of Common Space: Looking at Artistic and Architectural Interventions and Immersions; participatory workshops, Reimagining the Future of Common Space with Micro-Communities and various activations of public spaces from public screening Indecisive Cinema II; rooftop video installation, in, around and beyond a gaze; mobile video installation and performance, Ten Second Glance.

Das zum zweiten Mal stattfindende kollaborative Projekt Intersections of Common Space and Time soll den Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmern einen gemeinsamen Ansatzpunkt bieten, um sich mit dieser wichtigen Frage auseinanderzusetzen. Programm Teil 1 Weltkrieg und dem Mauerfall entstehen? The title of the show, Demi-Gros, refers both to a traditional unit of measure in foodstuffs a gross, or a dozen dozen , and to middlemen who connect wholesale and retail in commerce.

All the artworks are presented in a wooden box of not even the size of a shoebox in a wall safe. The uncurated show reflects the breadth of the Berlin art scene with artists of 17 nationalities, aged between 27 and 74 the average being 44 , working in an unusual format. Exploring the exhibition requires the collaboration of the visitor.

And it can be quite difficult to reinsert the artworks in the box… Peter Ungeheuer, Berlin, July Conceived as an experimental glimpse for our upcoming season, a selection of work will be on view of artists with forthcoming solo exhibitions. Allies of the gallery will also contribute work and discourse. Sound art will make an appearance in a live act, politics will be explored in a standup comedy night, movement and dance workshops will be followed by a sci-fi rap concert.

Devised with the intent for dialogue, overlap and exchange, our summer program is not a singular position, but a multifaceted, open-ended alternative to a summer group show. With numerous partners they experiment with knowledge transfers and the formation of transdisciplinary networks to challenge routines and habits of urban practices — Floating University Berlin. The site is an almost forgotten place in the center of Berlin: An old, concrete rainwater basin right next to the Tempelhof airfield.

A third landscape on the verge of disapearance. Here raumlaborberlin builds a generic structure, a drilling platform for a scarce urban resource: sensitivity for decision-making. Students and scientists from more than twenty international universities come together with artists from all over the world, local experts, architects, musicians, and dancers. Together, they research and investigate the daily routines and practices of urban living and formulate visions and ideas for a better future city In the territory around the rainwater basin Floating University is looking for contemporary, resilient forms of urban practice with a visionary focus on an unknown future.

In April, students and their teachers from Berlin, Europe and elsewhere collaborate on building the campus: learning spaces, workshops, an auditorium, a performative laboratory tower for experimental water filtration systems, a discursive kitchen, a bar as a protest generator and a fast food greenhouse. Spaces are created for exchanging knowledge within experimental, educational formats.

New Perspectives on Modern Germany

A place where transdisciplinary research teams and diverse positions come together to tackle the complex questions of urban practices. Project proposals. Photo: Christina Werner Discussions around the kitchen table. Photo: Christina Werner. From the idea of I drive, associated with individualism, capitalism, and the idea of freedom represented by the automobile, to I am being driven, which embodies the mindset of Silicon Valley as it seeks to outsource numerous daily tasks in order to make life easier and smarter.

Whereas we previously surrendered to our egos, we now surrender directly to cognitive networks controlled by a handful of corporations.

Spiegel innerer Räume: Lyrik zu Paul Klee (German Edition) Spiegel innerer Räume: Lyrik zu Paul Klee (German Edition)
Spiegel innerer Räume: Lyrik zu Paul Klee (German Edition) Spiegel innerer Räume: Lyrik zu Paul Klee (German Edition)
Spiegel innerer Räume: Lyrik zu Paul Klee (German Edition) Spiegel innerer Räume: Lyrik zu Paul Klee (German Edition)
Spiegel innerer Räume: Lyrik zu Paul Klee (German Edition) Spiegel innerer Räume: Lyrik zu Paul Klee (German Edition)
Spiegel innerer Räume: Lyrik zu Paul Klee (German Edition) Spiegel innerer Räume: Lyrik zu Paul Klee (German Edition)
Spiegel innerer Räume: Lyrik zu Paul Klee (German Edition) Spiegel innerer Räume: Lyrik zu Paul Klee (German Edition)
Spiegel innerer Räume: Lyrik zu Paul Klee (German Edition) Spiegel innerer Räume: Lyrik zu Paul Klee (German Edition)

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