The Best Way to Stop Smoking

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These products can ease nicotine withdrawals such as strong cravings, poor concentration and irritability. This gives you more of a chance to focus on replacing old habits with new ones. They also cost less than cigarettes.

The 23 Best Ways to Quit Smoking

See you doctor or call Quitline on 13 Simple deep breathing exercises can release muscle tension and calm the mind. Another good option is progressive muscle relaxation. This involves counting your breaths and releasing tension from a select group of muscles by holding them tight and then letting go.

Find out more about progressive muscle relaxation, mindfulness and other relaxation techniques here. Distract yourself.

1. Prepare for quit day

Try to keep busy by playing a fun game on your phone or your computer. It can distract you from the urge to smoke.

Trying to stop smoking – Brian’s story (2019)

Try our distract me tool! Change habits.

The same locations, cafes or foods can remind you of smoking and bring on a craving. Try to create new smokefree memories! If your common breakfast is to have a coffee and a cigarette, break the connection by trying a new breakfast in a different spot! Change the furniture around or do a spring clean.

Breaking habits can help you to say goodbye to the smokes for good. Never be fooled into thinking you can have the odd cigarette just to be sociable or just to get over a difficult moment. Remember: there is no such thing as just one cigarette.

Steps to Manage Quit Day

Do not use any substitutes. Substitutes that contain nicotine such as e-cigarettes or so-called Nicotine Replacement Therapy; patches, gums, nasal sprays and inhalators — are particularly unhelpful as they simply keep the addiction to nicotine alive.

  1. Think positive.
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  4. 2. Stay Busy.
  5. Quitting smoking: 10 ways to resist tobacco cravings!
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  7. How to Quit Smoking or Smokeless Tobacco.

Do not keep cigarettes on you or anywhere else in case of an emergency. Non-smokers do not need cigarettes.

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You are already a non-smoker the moment you put out your final cigarette. When you're out, try putting your drink in the hand that usually holds a cigarette, or drink from a straw to keep your mouth busy.

Things You Shouldn't Do When You Quit Smoking

Make a list of the reasons and read it when you need support. Ex-smoker Chris, 28, says: "I used to take a picture of my baby daughter with me when I went out. If I was tempted, I'd look at that. Page last reviewed: 25 October Next review due: 25 October NHS stop smoking services Take steps now to stop smoking 10 self-help tips to stop smoking Stop smoking without putting on weight What to do if you relapse after quitting Coping with cravings.

Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms

Make a plan to quit smoking Make a promise, set a date and stick to it. Sticking to the "not a drag" rule can really help. Consider your diet Is your after-dinner cigarette your favourite?

The Best Way to Stop Smoking The Best Way to Stop Smoking
The Best Way to Stop Smoking The Best Way to Stop Smoking
The Best Way to Stop Smoking The Best Way to Stop Smoking
The Best Way to Stop Smoking The Best Way to Stop Smoking
The Best Way to Stop Smoking The Best Way to Stop Smoking
The Best Way to Stop Smoking The Best Way to Stop Smoking

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