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The Hall of Mirrors

The hall was home to the hearth, and was where all the residents of the house would eat, work, and sleep. One common example of this form is the longhouse. Only particularly messy tasks would be done in separate rooms on the periphery of the hall. In later medieval Europe, the main room of a castle or manor house was the great hall.

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In a medieval building, the hall was where the fire was kept. As heating technology improved and a desire for privacy grew, tasks moved from the hall to other rooms. First the master of the house withdrew to private bedrooms and eating areas. Over time servants and children also moved to their own areas, while work projects were also given their own chambers leaving the hall for special functions.

With time, its functions as dormitory , kitchen , parlour and so on were divided off to separate rooms or, in the case of the kitchen, a separate building.

The Hall State School

Until the early modern era that majority of the population lived in houses with a single room. In the 17th century even lower classes began to have a second room, with the main chamber being the hall and the secondary room the parlor. The hall and parlor house was found in England and was a fundamental, historical floor plan in parts of the United States from to In Europe as the wealthy embraced multiple rooms initially the common form was the enfilade , with rooms directly connecting to each other.

In John Thorpe is the first recorded architect to replace multiple connected rooms with a rooms along a corridor each accessed by a separate door. Others, such as Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford , commemorate respected people. Between these in age, Nassau Hall at Princeton University began as the single building of the then college.

In medieval origin, these were the halls in which the members of the university lived together during term time.

In many cases, some aspect of this community remains. At colleges in the universities of Oxford and Cambridge , Hall is the dining hall for students, with High Table at one end for fellows. Typically, at " Formal Hall ", gowns are worn for dinner during the evening, whereas for "informal Hall" they are not.

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The medieval collegiate dining hall, with a dais for the high table at the upper end and a screen passage at the lower end, is a modified or assimilated form of the Great hall. A hall is also a building consisting largely of a principal room, that is rented out for meetings and social affairs. It may be privately or government-owned, such as a function hall owned by one company used for weddings and cotillions organized and run by the same company on a contractual basis or a community hall available for rent to anyone, such as a British village hall.

In religious architecture, as in Islamic architecture, the prayer hall is a large room dedicated to the practice of the worship. A hall church is a church with nave and side aisles of approximately equal height. Following a line of similar development, in office buildings and larger buildings theatres , cinemas etc.

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The atrium , a name sometimes used in public buildings for the entrance hall, was the central courtyard of a Roman house. Al Durham added two more.

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