The Quran: Modern Muslim Interpretations

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An analysis of these factors is outside the realm of this discourse, which remains political in its scope. Further, on occasion a lack of empirical data and non-circumstantial evidence is encountered to substantiate some contentions mentioned ahead. As it has been suggested previously 3 3. Nancy C. View all notes this is mainly because there is a dearth of such data and reliable evidence pertaining to religious terrorism. At certain points, it becomes difficult to validate external opinions mainly because of the right to individual interpretations vested by the Quran in all Muslims.

The validity of these opinions is vested in the fact that they are taken from informed Muslims who practice moderate and radical interpretations of Islam. Any reader may be expected to believe that any kind of terrorism is unjustifiable.

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However, in order to address these movements effectively, they must be studied from all possible dimensions and especially from the cultural contexts from which they arise. The author's deepest gratitude is extended to Professor Richard Langhorne for his invaluable support in compiling and completing this article. Patterns of Global Terrorism, Kg, , p. Views presented in this section that are not sourced represent the author's own understanding of the Quran, Islamic Revivalism, Islamic theology, and Islamic culture.

The Qur'an: Modern Muslim Interpretations - Massimo Campanini - كتب Google

The Hadis or Hadith is the collection of biographic reports about the sayings, customs, and doings of Mohammed and his companions; they also reflect on what Mohammed enjoined and tolerated in his presence or forbade. Refers to people who do not follow Islam and to those societies, states; or communities in which the dominant population is not Muslim. Internal Jihad is that which is declared by a Muslim on himself to improve his adherence to the Quranic revelations. External Jihad is declared by an individual against the Islamic community to attain Quranic justice. Ltd, , p. Refers to a method of Jihad that can be used for internal, external, or inter-communal purposes.

Goulam W. Paula R. Even after , the aforementioned reason of religious violence has been used for Jihad in Kashmir. Geopolitical events have been religious interpreted to support the pro-Pakistan agenda. For details see Venkatraman, Kashmir: Islam and Terror , chapter 3. Empirical evidence will be used only occasionally in this section mainly because Islamic history and practices have rarely been used in this manner, theoretically, to present a cause for Islamic terrorism.

Individual analysis will be used to elaborate on those areas where empirical or causal evidence is scant. For instance, on its law on alcohol consumption the Shariat asks a Muslim if he thinks it would be in his best interest to consume intoxicants.

The model of the Prophet is presented in this regard; however, the choice is ultimately left to the Muslim. A prominent Modernist is: Sayyid Jamal Ad Din al-Afghani — , a modernist who encouraged the amalgamation of Western and Islamic education as a resource for development in the Muslim world.

The Conflict of Interpretations

The cause of this was that the Shi'as contended that Imam Ali, a cousin of the Prophet, was the second Muslim to embrace Islam and thus should be the Prophet's successor. Since their inception, Shi'as have emphasized the Quran's discourse on martyrdom as central to their religious interpretations. They have also highlighted radicalism as a method to obtain their religious principles. The extent to which this radicalism shows itself is contingent on the Quranic interpretations of each Shi'a Muslim.

Sufism focuses on the Quran's discourses on love, religious co-existence, and self-discipline to further Islamic art, culture, and literature.

Modern Muslim Intellectuals and the Qur'an

A long-standing power struggle between the government and various Islamic groups also contributed to Saddat's unpopularity in Egypt. A few of these are the Battle of Badr A. John L.

Verses and Interpretations: Quranic Attitudes towards Jews and Their Relevance to Our Times

An institution of religious learning that originated in Pakistan and now exists in other countries as well, especially in South Asia. Skip to Main Content.

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Search in: This Journal Anywhere. Advanced search. Submit an article Journal homepage. Pages Received 19 Jul Original Articles. Additional information Acknowledgments The author's deepest gratitude is extended to Professor Richard Langhorne for his invaluable support in compiling and completing this article. Britain and the Fight against International Terrorism , p. Kimball, When Religion Becomes Evil , p. Translated by N. Inter-communal Jihad is that declared between communities to attain Quranic objectives.

Violence is more rarely advocated in the case of internal as compared to external Jihad. The Koran , p. According to the Quran, Islam is God's true and only religion. Pakistan—Transition from Civilian to Military Rule , p. Participant of the Kashmir-based insurgent group called Al-Badr.

Progressive Islam and Quranic Hermeneutics

Kashmir—Roots of Conflict and Paths to Peace, p. Public statement made in Cairo on 8 October However, it fails to critically discuss exegetical hermeneutics in light of social and political contexts. This type of publication, the importance of which is seen by editors and publishers in light of current political and social difficulties the emergence of ISIS and radicalization, for instance , desires to unite the people of the world; however, it seems that such monographs will have little place in the academic and intellectual discourses through which people discuss social and political issues.

Massimo Campanini was born in Milan in Lecturer in history and institutions of the Muslim world at the University of Urbino and of Arabic culture at the University of Milan; reader in History of Islamic countries at the Oriental University in Naples; presently, he is Associate professor of Islamic studies at the University of Trento.

He published about scientific articles and 30 books, a few of them translated in Spanish, Portuguese and Serbo-croatian. Please read our policy on commenting.

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    Link to Publisher's Website. Philosophical Perspectives on Modern Qur'anic Exegesis. Key Paradigms and Concepts.

    The Quran: Modern Muslim Interpretations
    The Quran: Modern Muslim Interpretations
    The Quran: Modern Muslim Interpretations
    The Quran: Modern Muslim Interpretations
    The Quran: Modern Muslim Interpretations
    The Quran: Modern Muslim Interpretations
    The Quran: Modern Muslim Interpretations
    The Quran: Modern Muslim Interpretations

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